Expect the unexpected from our kitchen. This is in no way a typical brewpub kitchen by any stretch of the imagination. It is an open kitchen concept so you can see our chefs and cooks working their magic. We also boast a chef’s table that you can reserve. This is a unique element for us and you will be treated to a unique blend of attention from our executive chef, brew master and Cicerones while you feast on a specially planned menu, a selection of our beers, wine and cocktails, and expect to be surprised by an off the menu beer or two.

The cuisine here at Steam Theory is a seasonal and synergistic blend of locally grown seasonal produce and meats where ever possible. These ingredients are blended in unique ways that will excite your taste buds and make you reach for our seasonally paired beers that are designed to go with the dishes. Our executive chef and brewmaster work closely together to ensure a seamless fusion between food and beer all year long.

Our food is not gastro or pub like in nature - we have options across a wide range of prices so everyone can enjoy it, and we intend to create unique combinations of ordinary foods that will excite both your imagination and senses again and again.

Oh - and don’t get us going on specialty menus on festival weekends throughout the year - but more on that later!