Steam Theory has set a goal to provide consistently well designed, crafted and served beers. We believe in keeping true to style with our beers. We have a continually changing selection that pairs with both the food we serve as well as the local climate. There is also a desire for Steam Theory to be your local destination food and drink establishment, and to that end we will provide a number of very sessionable beers that are easy to drink while being unique and delicious.

We will have as many as 22 of our own in house brews at any given time. The majority of these will rotate out as the seasons roll on. For the locals that chose to grace our establishment on a frequent basis, they will most likely find something new every week or two. We will brew anywhere from 1 to 15 barrels of a given beer at a time. This is equivalent to 2-30 full kegs of beer each, so don’t worry - we will always have plenty of choices for everyone, all of the time.

Now keep in mind we do have a top notch west coast brewmaster. There will be no shortage of hoppy beers to go along with these seasonal and sessionable beers we produce. There will also be some bigger barrel aged beer to show case the award winning beers that Kirk has created in the past.

We will produce beers based on styles from all of the great brewing centers of both the Old and New worlds. A nice Kolsch in the Spring, a refreshing session IPA in the Summer, and a festive Marzen in the Fall and . The possibilities are endless. A little further down the road you will see two different bottle series coming your way: The Inventor Series and the Scientist Series - they will be limited runs, so keep an eye out for these little devils.

We hope you join us on this ever evolving journey and don’t be afraid to throw some ideas at us - if we like them, we will not only take them to market - we will give you credit as well.