We sell 32oz Crowlers, 1/6 (Slim) barrel kegs and 1/2 (Half) barrel kegs to go. When ordering a keg to go please call 24 hours before pickup so we can prepare everything. Check out our beer list to see what we have on tap HERE.

Each beer is meticulously designed by our brew master Kirk Roberts. We strive to provide a wide variety of seasonal beers, most of which are sessionable. We have refreshing beers in the heat of Summer and hearty ones in the cold Winter. We have twelve beers on tap coming directly off of our 15BBL serving tanks. These are the freshest possible beers we can provide and they are kept at the correct serving temperature for the style. Our attention to quality is paramount to providing our customers with consistently well brewed and presented beers.

In addition to our 15BBL brewhouse we also maintain a 1BBL pilot system that we use for our more unique and experimental beers. We can have up to a dozen of these on tap at all times giving us the ability to provide a wide variety of beers that change on a fairly frequent basis.