Chuck Homola

Chuck was born a small white boy in the dead of winter outside of Chicago - the product of regional blackout on a hot summer night 9 months earlier. He comes from a well established line of beer drinkers that must now be honored by providing others with the finest of beers that can possibly be produced. Chuck had a relatively unremarkable childhood growing up in Cary, IL until he graduated 8th grade from St Peter and Paul Catholic school. It was at this time that he had to make that first big decision in his life - stay behind in Illinois and attend a military boarding academy by the name of Marmion that was run by a gang of Franciscan monks OR move to San Antonio, TX with his parents to take up residence at the only co-ed Catholic High School - St Gerard’s. Hmmm - yup he pretty much went with the co-ed sitch at that point in life.

High school treated Chuck well - came out 2nd in his class upon graduation and attended Trinity University in the same city. It was at this time he had his awakening that when one is in college, one must find better and cheaper beer at all costs. Upon joining Omega Phi fraternity - he quickly ascended to the post of Social Chairman and put his nascent party skills to the test. After putting on a series of parties over the next two years and dealing with large beer distribution companies - it was clear where life would lead him in the years to come.

Chuck graduated with a dual degree in Geology and Computer Science with a minor in embibery. He moved to the Dallas area in 1984 and took up home brewing a few years later in order to make beers that he could not find on the shelves and to do it much cheaper than standard retail prices. By the time the early 90’s rolled around he became involved with one of the first brewpubs to open in Texas. After a short sabbatical from home brewing - he started back up with a head of steam and started brewing larger batches and more varieties. He joined the North Texas Homebrewers Association where he held the offices of Director of Education, President and Past President (funny how that happens). He has also taken several courses from the Siebel Institute in Chicago. He has since been granted the rank of National from the Beer Judge Certification Program and the title of Certified Cicerone from Cicerone program.

With these credentials firmly in hand, it was now time to start work on the next big adventure - to bring a new concept in Craft Brewing to the North Texas landscape.