Jonathan Barrows

When I was visiting New Orleans in the summer of 2008 I experienced a beer that changed my life and started me down a path that brought me to Steam Theory. That beer was Abita Amber.

I was amazed at the aromas and flavors I was getting from BEER. When I returned home I began researching craft beer and started visiting a local bar to explore different beer styles. I would take notes on the aromas, flavors, and overall experience of each beer. I will never forget the day the server brought me my first IPA. She actually skipped the IPA and brought me an Imperial IPA, Stone Ruination. My palate was definitely not ready for something as intense as that. But over time I eventually found my love for hops.

When I bought my first house in 2009 I found a surprise in the attic that the previous owners had left behind. They left an entire brewing kit. A few carboys, buckets, kettle, spoons, and even some three year old malt extract. I pulled the equipment out of the attic and my first thought was “Now I HAVE to brew some beer”. I spent a few months watching videos, reading books, and preparing myself for my first brew day. Like most homebrewers first brew, it wasn’t that great...but it wasn’t that bad. I did more research and started improving my skills and techniques. After a few brews were under my belt I joined the North Texas Homebrewers Association and started listening to The Brewing Network to learn even more about beer and brewing. My beers were improving quickly and before long I was winning medals in homebrewing competitions.

I began to realize that after being in the tech industry and corporate world for nearly fifteen years, that it was no longer the place for me. Beer and food brought people together, not one's and zero's. I volunteered at a local brewery for a few months where I learned that a production brewery was not in my future, but a brewpub was. I wanted a place that people could sit down to have a conversation with a friend or stranger, a place where people could explore the flavors of beer and food.

While in the North Texas Homebrewers Association I met Chuck Homola and the two of us hit it off. We started homebrewing together and found that we both had the same passion to open a brewpub. The two of us traveled around the US visiting breweries and brewpubs to test out the food, beer, and atmosphere to see what makes a place great. After a while we decided to work towards the common goal and to open a brewpub together. After years of research, planning, and exploring our options, we finally landed on what will be the best brewpub in North Texas.