Michael Weinstein Bio

My love affair with food began as a child scarfing down incredible meals at my mother and grandmother’s tables. Eating meals made with homegrown vegetables and herbs from my father’s garden and the talents of my grandmother, I learned the importance of fresh ingredients. As a child I would just make simple things such as pancakes, French toast and Chocolate Chip Cookies. I would also try to copy dishes that I would see on PBS on Saturdays. At this time in my life I had no idea that I would be a Chef.

The night that everything changed was when I made a chicken dish for my parents that they absolutely loved. When they asked where I got the recipe from, I told them I just threw things together. After that night I started reading cooking magazines and watching the great chef series on Discovery and PBS trying to recreate the dishes that I saw. At this point I realized this was my passion.

That passion lead me to culinary school which allowed me to work in some of Dallas’ finest kitchens. I worked alongside local celebrity chefs David Holben and Avner Samuel, before tempting the palettes of Dallas diners at The Grape. I'm passionate about creating great tasting, innovative meals with only the freshest and all-natural ingredients.

When I was working at Cadot restaurant in Dallas I met Chuck and Jonathan who told me that they are looking for a chef for a new brewpub. I was extremely intrigued and wanted to learn more. I offered to come over to Chuck’s house to cook dishes that paired with the beer they had brewed. Things worked out extremely well and the beginning of our relationship had begun. I'm once again excited to tempt Dallas diners with my cuisine that will be paired with Kirk's delicious beers at Steam Theory. The possibilities of what the two of us can do together will be unlimited.