Steam Theory Brewing is all about the journey and where it is going to take us. We want to start out by understanding where we have come from, to where it has gotten us to today. We as brewers and craft beer drinkers have a lot of people and events to thank for what we have at our disposal in the current day. Without all the hard work and innovation that occurred since the early industrial era in Europe, we would not have the ability to do things we now take for granted. We plan to tell the stories of many great scientists that discovered things that the inventors of the day then brought to reality. Think what we do without thermometers, hydrometers and heaven forbid - the discovery of yeast! We take our name from a blend of ideas and technology. You will see the important part that steam driven power and heating has played in the brewing process. Our main brewhouse is completely steam jacketed for efficient use of energy and the soft effect it has on the wort we create.  

Over time you will see how we have blended hard technology with innovative ideas that date back to the Victorian era and leverage them in the modern day. Our “Theory” is that we can then blend those concepts with our own in a way that will bring together our brewery, bar, kitchen and overall look and feel. It will be an immersive environment where people can enjoy food and beer that are not only intertwined in themselves, but also with a goal of educating folks on where we came from as an industry as well as where it will take us in the future. We want to be a place of learning, enjoyment, surprise and wonderment. Whether it be the beers, food, cocktails or atmosphere - we will ensure there will always be a synergy of the culinary arts in a way that will intrigue the senses.