The Steam Theory Brewing Company Prologue

It is once in a great while that the universe chooses to bring people and things together via serendipity. Whether it be a genetic predisposition, a wrinkle in space-time or just dumb luck – things that were meant to be – come to be. Such is the case of our story that has lead us up to this point. Looking back at this now it would have been hard to imagine that these 4 wandering souls would come together to create something new and exciting in a place of unparalleled splendor. This is a story that spans decades and great distances. Not unlike a tale birthed in the mind of JRR Tolkien. Come – just us now on this epic journey……

The tale of the North

In a time long, long ago in the dead of winter, a son was born to a small family in the far fringes of the Land of Giant Winds in a wee shire. There were no wise men and certainly no gold but probably a donkey or two. The families that raised this child came from lands deeply rooted in libations and culinary arts not to mention a bit of horse thievery. Growing up in an environment such as this deeply implanted the instinct and desire to share with others the foods and drinks from lands far away. This led to a life of putting together gatherings to bring others together. In addition to this were needs to seek out and find new foods and drinks to share and then eventually improve upon.

There were many diversions along the way for this one. A deep love of science drove him towards finding a synergy between the scientific and artistic elements that lead to new and unexpected discoveries. These discoveries took the form of culinary experiments and the creation of new and interesting beverages – most in the form of beer and wine that his fore fathers had created and passed down through the ages.

This lad soon found himself swept off to the faraway land of spicy cuisine, hot summers and wiley coyotes. Once again he is exposed to entirely new cultures from afar, new and intriguing foods, beverages with worms in them and not to mention a beer named after the defeater of Spaceballs – Lone Star. This further drove him to find new ways to create even more interesting offerings and to continue bringing others into the greater circle of friends that would someday form the basis of folks that support and drive a new concept forward for all to enjoy.

During the Age of Enlightenment – the leaders of the land allowed all the peoples to produce their own beer in their local shires. The boy had now become an adult and ventured out to the southern northlands where winds of change had just started to blow through. In this land of Wonderment he began to create his own beers now that he could. The local townsfolks looked upon these with some degree of favor and the process continued on for many years. Word spread through the local town criers and eventually led to his first chance to bring his experience and desires to bear in the cottage industry of local ale establishments. The first brewery and pub opened up shortly after that and there was much rejoicing.

This time of Enlightenment faded though leaving the area in despair for the next 15 years, but spring was coming. Once again the town folk yearned for fresh ale to be produced locally, and our lad set out to build on the foundation of establishments that brought this Renaissance to the northern southlands once again. It was this that lead him to seek others like himself and create something unlike anything that had been done before – but only time will tell where this story goes next.

The tale of the East

In slightly more recent times we have a marauder lurking around the eastern reaches of this great land. He thrives on his independent and whimsical spirit. Those around him draw power from his presence and easily fold into his pack. The adventures they embark on are the stuff of legends. Exploring new lands at every opportunity, seeking out new challenges and further defining that which was recently unknown. This kindred spirit traveled the eastern reaches both near and far but ultimately stumbles upon the land of Wonderment. The sudden clash of his free spirit and limitless enthusiasm with this land of huge potential and infinite possibilities unleashes his creative skills.

Now out on his own, he bands together with his local mates and explores the treasures of this place. He revels in the music, the excitement and the continuous opportunities afforded him. While this is going on he is held back in one way which traps his spirit and begins to drag him down a path that can’t be borne for long. Independence is still a key factor he thrives on, so he becomes a homeowner and part of the corporate machine in an otherwise great land. But the explorer at heart, he searches through his new kingdom and discover the tools of the ale smith wizard that previously ruled that land. These tools had a magical effect on him and drew him towards his ultimate destiny. He dabbled in the dark arts of home brewing and was quickly infected with the desire to take this to higher levels.

Not long after this, our free spirit joins a local ale makers guild and meets a northern who was granted the opportunity to run the guild for a year. They form a common bond over an extended period of time and eventually merge their tribes into an even greater and stronger one than either on its own would have been.

With all of this in place they were off to watch the giants of the land to play a local game of ball not knowing that these giants had the ability to cast spells upon their spectators. One fateful night they cast upon the northern facilitator and eastern explorer, a spell that would unite their love of the ale and desire to create a place of wonder in the reaches of the Northern Southland. With years of work, travel to far away lands and the help of many other ale lovers - they had a plan in hand to create that which had not been done before.

The tale of the West

This is the tale of the gentle giant, crafter of ales. In the far west lands we find our compatriot mired in a laborious situation, feeling trapped and unable to break free of the chains of monotony. One night a spell is cast upon him to travel to the great ale lands of the northwestern reaches. This place has been the subject of many tales and much lore for as long as our fore fathers could remember. He felt compelled to seek out this land. And this land he did discover and the local denizens were very welcome to the southern visitor. There he discovered an untold number of places that each made their own ales, each as unique as there names and places. He spent a fortnight trying all he could find, and in time their magical powers over took him and drove him to taking this knowledge back to the southland in order to spread the word of these great ale crafters.

Now back in the southern reaches of the western lands, he follows his dream of being a crafter of ales. A beachside community is his first stop in his adventures as an ale maker. It was not long after this that he had ascended to the top role of chief ale maker. During a celebration of this event he crosses paths with a traveler from the land of Wonderment. Neither knew at that time the significance of their meeting but more on that later.

After many years of brewing near the beach and the recipient of many accolades of the ale making nobility, he decides to move to another hamlet and bring his skills to a new audience. Again, he is a success and further refines his abilities. In order to ascend to the highest levels of his craft he chooses to endure the Trials of the guild. He spends two year in the desolate interior lands to focus on his skills and to make ales worthy of the nobles with very little to work with.

Once he completed the trials he again crosses paths with the traveler from the land of Wonderment. This time he also meets the free spirit from the east and the three decide to bring together their unique powers, knowledge and skills to create a new place for the ale nobility to revel in, that is worthy of this great land.

The tale of the South

Our final character is the non-nomadic fellow that leverages gains from his immediate surroundings. Even as a small child he embraced the need to create wondrous feasts from even the simplest of local ingredients. Creating meals full of flavor and wonderment from seemingly ordinary items. He was driven to develop his nascent skills, going from a simple snack to ever more clever and complex offerings. Initially his skills were only shown to those close to him, but in time the word spread throughout the land that the gifted one that the legends spoke of, was in fact in their midst. The culinary apprentice further honed his skills at the finest of schools and then he took his newly refined abilities into the public light and one of the finest shire taverns.

His passion and creativity became the thing of legends - he became known for his skills in the great kitchens of the land, nobles and local royalty requested his presence at their great feasts and festivals. His name became the thing of legends. It was these legends that our travelers from the North and East came to know. After careful planning a meeting was arranged for them to share ideas and ideals, and the basis of the concept that would bring them all together was born. There was one last thing that had to happen, would the southern wizard and the giant of the west be able to blend their skills together into a powerful force the world had never seen? Time would only tell, but the travelers from the North and East know deep inside there is no doubt of what is about to become.

And the journey continues……

Now that this band of merry men has come together - join them as the greatest journey begins. Let the dungeon master role the die to send them off into the fertile landscape of the land that our patron saints look upon with obvious favor. A land where the brewing water flows plentifully, the urban gardens are abundant and the local townsfolk are ready to eat, drink and celebrate as never before!